Get to know the characters of Lottie Sparkles'Magical Discovery

It’s nearly a year since the publication of my first book. So I think it is a high time to tell you a little bit about the characters that made the story come to life.

“So here I am in a dull little village,” Lottie sighed wearily.

Lottie loves sparkly clothes, dazzling accessories and nanny Edwina. She dislikes dirt, puddles and the colour brown. Although it seems that Lottie is very spoil, she is also honest, loyal, funny, caring and feisty. She would love to spend more time with her parents who work very hard at their important city jobs.

Lottie doesn’t believe in magic until she visits her grandparent’s attic.

Lottie Sparkles’ Grandparents

Grandma Ada loves science, tinkering in her shed, adventure, travelling, experiments (that most of the time backfires - hence the magical farm animals), fishing and treasure hunting.

Grandad George enjoys looking after the cheeky gang of farm animals, cooking his own recipes, gardening, reading detective mysteries and stargazing.

Peppermint- half a hamster/half a squirrel is a loyal friend. She loves sparkly hats, scarves and mittens. Even though she is groomed every day, there are green spots all over her fur (at least they are sparkly). She can’t wait to move to the city with Lottie. She is very curious and cheeky. She loves her cosy den and glittery stars.

The silvery black cat is a very mysterious. She is magical. She is wise and a loyal friend. She is extremely well disguised and takes all her mission seriously.

So here they are; all my beloved characters from Lottie Sparkles Magical Discovery. I had so much fun conjuring them up in my head and then putting them on the paper. It is really only a beginning for them and to get to know them a little bit more you will have to wait for another book in the series.

Lots of sparkly hugs.


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