Book Review- The Island of Summer Sunsets by Susan Sands

Here's the blurb:

Sail away with this heartwarming beach read about hope, family, and finding out who was meant for us. Among the dunes and salty spray, off the South Carolina coast, where the daily tide swells and the minnow counts are the only news in town, something big might just change Janie Brooks's life forever, for better or worse. In the small southern village of Fripp, Janie's life is moving along at about the same slow pace as the island—exactly the way she wants it. After the death of Janie’s husband, unable to find her own way, she spends her days with the seagulls and swallow-tailed kites, in the serene bliss of the Atlantic coast. Until newcomer Ryan Kennedy and his teenage daughter move into the rental down the street, shaking up Janie’s well-ordered, simple life. Ryan has enough to deal with, being a single dad. All he wants is to move into a brand-new house in this quaint community and start fresh. But, with Janie down the street, that might be easier said than done. Will Janie and Ryan find their own version of paradise? Or will one get in the way of the other? A summer escape that will whisk you away to an island getaway and have you wishing for a seaside retreat with your feet in the sand and the golden sunset at your back. The Island of Summer Sunsets is perfect for fans of Robyn Carr, Brenda Novak, and RaeAnne Thayne.

My Thoughts

As soon as I started reading this gorgeous summery book, I knew I would be in for a treat.

Susan's word-building of Fripp Island and its seaside marina setting whisked me right into Janie's life within the tight- knit island community- ever everybody knows everyone and is ready to offer a helping hand. You know, right?

For Janie Brooks, the island is not only comfortable and familiar but it is her safety nest of well-developed and perfected routines. Routines that make her feel like she is not going to immideately drown with every memory of a deceased husband. Well, that is until she meets a charming duo- Ryan and his teenage daughter Sibley.

And slowly Ryan and his daughter start to pull the bricks of Janie's wall down until Janie's life becomes more adventurous, more eventful and joyous again.

That might even be a happy ever after for Janie girl.

The Island of Summer Sunsets is a joyous read about second chances, salty island sands and glorious sunsets pres precious old and new memories.

Thank you much to Harpeth Road Press for a review copy of this book.

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